Sunday, December 18, 2011

Overcome the Fear of Doing Something Different

    Hey there fellow dreamers!

    Here's an interesting as well as funny comic I found online today that simplifies the idea of why doing something new can be really hard sometimes. Everyone has the potential to do great things, but sometimes the anxiety of doing something new and unknown prevents us from ever trying.
    As young children, we are all granted the gift of infinite imagination. We think we can do anything. "Mommy! I want to be an astronaut when I grow up!" "Daddy, I wanna be a famous singer like we saw on tv!" Unfortunately there will always be people who try to discourage us by saying that not everyone can be like that. You just can't let people bring you down. If you truly want to do something, that determination alone should be enough to get you through to where you want to be. It will obviously take focus and effort, but if you are doing it from the the motivation that comes from within yourself, its actually not so hard at all.

    Now here's an interesting way to get past discouragement; confront it the way you would if you were playing a game. If you think about it, all games have obstacles that will try and stop you, whether it be a villain, a tetris piece that doesn't quite fit, objectives that need to be met to advance to the next level. In fact, a game would not be a game at all if it were not for those things! What do we do in games? We think of ways around those obstacles, because we know there's always a solution. When you think back after beating a game, its almost as though finding ways around the obstacles was more fun than reaching the end of the game itself! That's how it always is. Life's just a bigger game, and that rewarding feeling by getting past your opponents or the things that try to stop you is just the same.

    So if you're sitting there today with a great idea in mind, I hope maybe this will inspire you to get past those mental blocks and help you to confront your fears. If you really believe in it, do it with all your heart, you'll find nothing is so hard after all. :)


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