About The Dream

The Visionary:
The dream started in 2008, when Frank Warren the creator of postsecret.com went to the University of Maryland and inspired Brian to become a collector of dreams. Brian dreams of becoming a doctor and a writer but most importantly he dreams of making an impact on the world. Here it is in his words:

"I want to collect dreams. Dreams of anything. Actual dreams when you sleep, or dreams of where you want to be in 5 years, what you want right this instance, dreams of career, family, relationships, money, life. Anything. I want to leave it open-ended just as a “secret” can be. A chance for us to share our goals, our desires, our dreams. If you have a vision board that’s already a great start. If you have a secret that is full of hope and love, then you fit right in."

The Vision:
We want 'Every1 Dreams' to be a community; a group of dreamers who love and encourage each other. We want it to be a safe place to share your biggest or smallest dreams, they can be about any and everything. We want to connect you with other dreamers and maybe by sharing your dream connect with others who can help your dreams come true. We want to lift you up and inspire you to dream big and chase after your dreams with all you've got!

What we need YOU to do:
Illustrate your dreams in whatever way you like, a photo with text, a poem, a story, a video whatever works best for you and email them to us at every1dreams@gmail.com and we'll share them with the community! They will remain anonymous unless you give us permission to share who you are!

2: Spread the word! Tweet it, like our facebook page, tell a friend! Whatever you can do to connect more dreamers to our community and we'll watch this vision grow!